Travel Ban To Be Lifted By Japan

According to the Yomiuri newspaper, Japan is currently planning to lift the travel ban on overseas travel to Malaysia and 11 other countries and nations starting in November 2020.

The other nations also include Taiwan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, and Vietnam.

Japan Plans To Remove Travel Ban To Malaysia And 11 Other Nations

However, the report has also said the Japanese government — which has implemented travel bans to 159 countries and regions — will recommend that travellers refrain from unnecessary and non-urgent visits to the aforementioned 12 countries.

Japan also has plans to allow Japanese and foreign national business travellers with residency status to re-enter the country without having to undergo self-quarantine for two weeks. This two-week isolation waiver will be given to returning business travellers who submit an action plan beforehand, with the caveat that they will also have to refrain from using public transit.

The country is now easing isolation restrictions put in place to curb the spread of Covid-19 to make it easier for employees to travel in and out of Japan, as well as to encourage the resumption of economic activity.

Along with that, the Japanese government has been reviewing its entry and exit restrictions closely.

At the start of the month (October 1st), Japan began to allow foreign nationals planning to stay in Japan for at least three months or more to enter the country. The nation also enforced an easier entry restriction for specific foreign professionals such as those in the medical field, teachers, and others who are qualified for medium or long-term stays of more than three months. 

Yet, entry for tourists is still being restricted.

Before the pandemic, there was an average of 2,000 foreign nationals who were entering the country daily.

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