The Most Iconic Swiss Invention

Now, Switzerland isn’t only famous for its alpine peaks and highly sought after intricate timepieces. On the contrary, the Swiss are an inventive lot that have contributed a host of iconic inventions to the world at large.

An Iconic Invention That May Not Necessarily Originated In Switzerland

Aside from their uber-famous Swiss banking system, the most iconic Swiss invention by far is likely the Swiss Army Knife.

It’s literally in the name, but if you didn’t already know, the iconic red Swiss army knives were invented in, well, Switzerland. But contrary to popular belief, the Swiss weren’t actually the first to invent the concept of a multi-use pocket knife.

In fact, the Modell 1890 was considered the first batch of 15,000 multi-functional folding pocket knives commissioned by the Swiss Army in 1891 — with German knife manufacturer, Wester & Co. at the helm of the massive undertaking.

A few years later, Karl Elsener, then the owner of a surgical equipment manufacturing company (which later on became Victorinox, the parent company of the Swiss Army Knives brand) went on to develop an improved version of the knife, and the Swiss Army Knife was born.

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