Naluri — Digital Therapeutics In The Palm Of Your Hands

Using a number of health-related parameters, behavioural sciences, data science, and digital design, Naluri is a digital therapeutics solution in app form designed to help users adopt a healthier lifestyle using the services of a range of health professionals in a convenient and affordable manner.

Achieve Your Healthiest Self With This App

First established in mid-2017, the platform aims to tackle the issue of an increasing number of Malaysians facing chronic diseases.

Using the Naluri app, you may be connected with a team of health professionals which includes dietitians, psychologists, coaches, holistic health coaches, financial planners, medical advisors, and even pharmacists — all of which, will be vital in helping you achieve your fitness and health goals.

The app also comes loaded with varied digital tools that will aid health enthusiasts and beginners. These tools include food journals, daily modules, planners, and thought journals to help you learn, plan, track your progress and get professional feedback.

Along with that, Naluri also aims to provide users with a host of multi-disciplinary health advisors through the app — a contrast to traditional face-to-face meetings with specialized healthcare pros who only give you advice on one aspect of your health.

Also, the app comes with an AI engine that will analyze your responses and progress to summarise a short personal profile report so that the coaches may be able to provide more precise higher quality advice, coaching, and guidance.

Naluri is currently geared towards the B2B market. And their contracts are more geared towards the corporate community. However, individual users may also hop on the app for free up to 14 days before they’re required to sign up with a subscription plan.

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