Get To Know Yourself Through Your Genes

Ever heard of 23andMe? Well, now you get to experience the full spectrum of DNA testing at your fingertips with this local startup.

Advanx Health is a Malaysian DNA/genetics technology startup founded in 2017 and caters toward helping its customers discover themselves genetically through their DNA. And with this data, the company hopes to instill users with a better understanding of how to keep themselves healthy.

The Genetics Startup Everyone’s Talking About

To get tested, simply obtain a saliva collection kit — aptly named DNA Explorer — either directly from the company or through one of their authorised distributors.

With this kit in hand, you’ll need to deposit some of your own saliva into the provided test tube. Then you have to send the kit back to Advanx Health where they’ll take a deep dive into the information gathered from your DNA.

The collected sample will allow the company to come up with an algorithm that can be kept as a data set. And from this information, they’ll derive your health information in an easy-to-consume format. Generally, the personal health data could include health risks, specific nutritional requirements, the preferred type of physical activity, and your intrinsic traits such as dietary intolerances.

This information will then be stored into two separate data banks — one of which users may access to get a hold of their DNA information, and another in which the information will be anonymized to be used as a benchmark database for health information in the Southeast Asia (SEA) region.

Along with the results of the test, Advanx Health will also offer customers a variety of reports that will go into finer details pertaining to their health such as recommended changes to their daily routines, as well as ways to prevent themselves from falling victim to serious diseases and illnesses.

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