A Strage Quirk is Developing in The Covid-19 Symptoms

A new study has revealed that the deadly and infectious Covid-19 virus has been developing a strange trait since its initial spread months ago. 

Specifically, a pain-relieving property of the virus could shed light on how the virus has been spreading without signs of stopping thus far. This would then also explain why millions around the globe that are infected with Covid-19 are not aware of their own infection.

The Strangest Symptoms of The Coronavirus

According to the author of the study, Rajesh Khanna, the reason for the continuous spread of the Covid-19 epidemic in the early stages could be attributed to this pain-suppressing property of the virus. Patients continued to live normally as if there was nothing wrong, when in fact, they were asymptomatic.

If true, this could change the way the virus is handled at present. And if the team is also able to confirm that the pain-relieving property is real and linked to the global wide-spread infection of Covid-19, this is a great scientific discovery in its own right. 

Indeed, this study provides a silver lining to the worldwide pandemic that has stricken countries and nearly destroyed economies of the countries it has infected. The unexpected discovery has shown signs that there is a new way to relieve pain — as shown by the virus’ ability to silence the pathways of pain signals in the body — that may be developed after the end of the pandemic.

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